Online English classes VS Group English classes

The choice between enrolling in private online English classes or group English classes completely depends on the flexibility of the students and what suits them best. Learning English language both the ways is as exceptional as it can get. However, there are some benefits of both the kinds.


Private English language classes are popular among a number of people and here are the reasons why.

  • Dedicated lessons – The best thing about private English classes is that you get undivided attention from your English teacher which results in better and faster results. Your teacher can concentrate on you only without any other distractions.
  • Time flexibility – In private English classes you can appoint time according to what suits you the best. You can easily take your classes without having to worry about your job or school schedule. So even if you are working, you are not bound to show up on a single appointment time for your English language lessons.
  • Best for Introverts – If you are not a people’s person and hesitate in learning a new language in a group of people then the private English classes will suit you the best. It will be only you and your English teacher only because of which you can feel more comfortable in asking questions and making mistakes.
  • Suitable Pace – Another great thing about private English classes is that it will move forward according to your learning ability which you don’t usually experience in group English lessons.


Group English classes, just like private English classes have a number of benefits as well. It’s up to you to choose what benefits suit you the best.

  • Chance to socialize – In group English classes you get a chance to socialize with people from different ethnicities. You can make new friends, help and motivate each other through the entire process.
  • Communication helps – you can find a lot of help from fellow attendees during your English classes. Other people around you can ask important questions or make important points that didn’t cross your mind. Also the fact that you guys can communicate with each other to improve your English can help a great deal in group English classes. for more information visit our partner at
  • Leniency – Group English classes are more lenient in terms of pressure as compared to private English classes. The teacher can let go of some things and give you time to comprehend the lesson in a better way.