Our English language course is perfect for students who are looking to make a career in multiple industries. Whether you are from an English descendant or a foreigner who wants to learn the English language, we suggest that you enrol in the course and get started with an exceptional career. Studying English literature can help you explore many new cultures, historical figures and fictional characters that left a great message to lead a decent life. Soon after the course, you will realize that your thought horizon has increased to an extent where you can speak, teach and write English fluently and perfectly.


There are a number of questions that you ask yourself before enrolling in an English school. Questions like, is it worth the effort? Will your salary improve by some percentage after learning the language? The answer is simple and clear; a study shows that people who are well aware of English are better paid than the people who speak a foreign language, especially in the UK. An English teacher earns near to or more than £30,000 per annum and the jobs are usually very interesting with minimum amount of effort. This pay scale increase with experience and time.


Attending an English school can widen your prospects of finding a great job almost anywhere in the world. English is considered as a world renowned language and most of the countries; especially tourist countries have thousands of jobs that require the person to be fluent in English in order to increase their profits. English language has become a necessity in today’s world and whether you are into teaching, politics or law, this English course in association with New Wave Training School, can help you eliminate the limitation that you might be facing in any job around the world.


You might have a desire to work in the media, universities for research purposes or in the IT department. For most of the career opportunities you will require to hold the knowledge of English language for better communications as most of the jobs depend on solid verbal and written English skills. With English language school, you can learn to initiate creative processes and come up with solutions to various work related problems. You can also make a career as a translator in the countries where English is not the official language.
We also offer IT & Computer training courses for our students who want to go for something different and more professional.
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